5 Signs Of Friday FOMO

Do you get FOMO on Fridays? You’re not alone.


MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA- Do you get FOMO on Fridays? That kinda sad, I-have-no-friends feeling, every time the weekend comes back around?

Here are 5 signs of Friday FOMO and how to solve the problem.


1. You want to stay at work late. 

Being the last one to leave on Friday sounds like a good thing — you might tell people you’re preparing ahead for Monday or that you’re waiting for traffic to die down. 

GO HOME! You worked hard and avoiding Friday FOMO by working even more is only going to make you feel worse. It’s self-sabotaging. Every extra hour you spend at work is one less hour of enjoying your weekend.


2. You think maybe you have no “real” friends. 

Who are you kidding? Your coworkers are NOT your friends! After you spend 40-60 hours with the same people, it’s normal to feel a little separation anxiety. All the tasks at work, people to deal with - suddenly you don’t have that and it might feel like, “now what?”

It’s important to remember that time with friends is going to feel different. The pace might be faster or slower. There might be plans on the calendar or there not be. Don’t let your work ethic fool you into thinking that your social life isn’t great because the phone’s not ringing. 



3. Everybody on social media looks so busy. 

They’re not. They’re just as tired as you are. But suddenly after a long boring week of having nothing to post besides work dinners, gym photos, and funny videos on IG - They have a concert ticket! Or a birthday dinner!

And they want everybody to know about it. Why? Not to make you left out. Because after a long week of having nothing new to post, suddenly there going out to eat and they’re going to post a photo of every dish and all the people they went with.

Trust me, they’re just excited to have some new crap to post.



4. You tell people you’re sleepy and that you’re going to bed. 

If you can go to work every morning, tired AF, force yourself to put your game-face on after 4 hours of sleep — you can do the same to make some quality time with yourself, your family, or your friends. 

That doesn’t mean you have to go out! But why do you work — to pay bills and enjoy life. That’s why you went to school and took this job in the first place.

SO treat yourself! Take yourself out to dinner. Invite a friend over to Netflix/Chill. Take a bubble bath and sing Mariah Carey songs. DISCONNECT from the week. You’ll be so much happier on Monday.


5. You feel like everybody forgot about you.

Well, in a way, they did. You forgot about them too. You had deadlines, meetings, presentations - you were NOT thinking about them all week. 

So don’t get upset that nobody’s texted you yet - take out your phone and text them first. Text 5 people. Text 10 people. Let people know you remembered them, and that you like to spend time with them.  It makes people feel better, the same way it makes you feel better.



The next time you feel FOMO, break it down and think about the myths and the illusions of social media, and how they probably feel left out when you do things without them too, even if it’s cooking a nice meal by yourself at home. “Why didn’t you invite me,” they might comment. They really mean it! 😩 

It’s important to take breaks. You can return to work mode on Monday. Make the best of your weekend, don’t leave YOURSELF out. 


TIP: Fridays and Saturday’s are usually the worst days for FOMO. Plan ahead! Pick out a recipe on Tuesday that you’re going to cook on Friday. Look at movies that are coming out, and “reserve” a friend to go with. Call mom and see if she needs any help moving things this weekend.

Live richly and love yourself. Create a great weekend.




Chris Lee PMHNP-BC is a psychiatric nurse practitioner at DreamCloud Psychiatry in Miami Beach, Florida. 



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