chris lee

board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner






Chris Lee is a Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and the founder of DreamCloud Psychiatry. He completed his graduate studies and training in psychiatry at New York University, and holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern California and Miami Dade College. He is a blogger and contributing writer for The Mighty/Huff Post.

Chris Lee built his career in mental health at several of the nation’s best psychiatric facilities including HHC-Bellevue Hospital in New York City, Mount Sinai-St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, and The Addiction Institute. He has also worked at Housing Works’ East New York Community Health Center, Transformations in Delray Beach, Summit Detox in Boynton Beach, Delphi Behavioral Group, and Pathway to Hope in Fort Lauderdale.

In 2016, Chris Lee opened Elevate Psychiatry in Miami, which under his direction climbed to become a local favorite in downtown Miami. As former co-owner and founder, his vision was to modernize outdated psychiatric practice in South Florida by incorporating holistic elements like aromatherapy, essential oils, music, and sound-conditioning.

In 2018, he left Elevate to create DreamCloud Psychiatry in response to a string of school shootings, gun violence, and suicides. “It occurred to me that the next generation of patients has experienced life-shaking events like none other. From 9/11 to Parkland, GLBT rights, political protest, humanitarian crises, and the birth of social media — this generation is the most important population to anticipate in mental healthcare.”

He openly shares his own mental health story and uses his experience in business, self-branding, and digital marketing to encourage his patients to break free from barriers and become the creators, influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers they are within.

In 2019, DreamCloud Psychiatry became the nation’s first subscription-based psychiatric practice designed to embrace millennial mental health. He is currently working on a media project in Medellín, Colombia, to be released later this year.



Imagination is the key to a life richly-lived.