DreamCloud Psychiatry


psychiatric care online


DreamCloud Psychiatry offers a simple subscription billing plan.

$125 monthly

The plan is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime. A $25 activation fee applies for new or lapsed patients. This is not insurance.*


list of services included

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Medication Management

Prescription Refills

Brief Psychotherapy

Routine Check-Ups

Health History & Physical

General Wellness Counseling

Unlimited Cloud Visits

Office Visits (when available)

Unlimited Phone Visits

Unlimited Email/Text Visits

Unlimited Med Adjustments

Provider’s Cell Phone Number

Electronic Prescriptions

Self-Scheduling via Calendly

Multiplatform Access - WhatsApp/Zoom/dreamcloudonline

Automatic Monthly Billing via Hint Health

Controlled Medication Safety Monitoring

Weekend/Evening Requests (except controlled medications)

Genetic DNA Testing via Genesight

Travel Medication Management

Medical Specialist Referrals

and more exclusive benefits for members only!


“We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.”

- Roald Dahl


services not included


All visits include brief psychotherapy. Frequent short visits can be just as effective as traditional visits, which can be cost-prohibitive for many. Having the freedom to follow-up regularly without worrying about the cost or wait-time for another appointment helps keep the acuity low and patients stay happy and healthy.

Individual psychotherapy sessions are available to members for an additional fee. My areas of expertise include self-esteem and acceptance, business/career changes, relationship issues, chronic medical conditions, harm reduction from drugs/alcohol, entrepreneurship, and goal-setting. My therapeutic approach integrates psychodynamic, person-centered, humanistic, and motivational therapies.

Our mission is to make dreams come true. The following therapy packages are available to help you discover what your life path may be, what obstacles are blocking the way, and how to achieve the life of your dreams.


1 x 45 minute session



2 x 45 minute sessions



4 x 45 minute sessions



8 x 45 minute sessions




Documentation for emotional support animals is included, if they are prescribed.

Copies of medical records are $3/per page.

Individualized notes, letters, accommodation requests, special forms, disability determination, FMLA, and other legal documents are billed at $300/hour in 20m increments.

This is to ensure time and quality care for all patients. If there are any special needs or barriers, please let me know.